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HTML Tutorials and Examples

This site is a full-fledged working demo of HTML 5 code taking advantage of new features in HTML 5. For example, each page is using the HTML 5 sectioning tags and the site logo in the upper left corner of each page is not an image - the logo is using an HTML 5 <canvas> tag with code loaded only once from a single full-site template. Do View Source to verify that the site is using the HTML 5 DOCTYPE. You can also verify it is Valid HTML 5 using the HTML Validator.

In addition to the tutorials below, for using various sets of tags together, see also the HTML Examples for examples of coding individual HTML tags. For example, the example of using the <mark> tag to mark up search results provides a good tutorial on that subject.

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Tutorials for HTML 5

With these HTML tutorials, web developers can learn to code HTML, including new features of HTML 5.
Web Development Technologies
Current web development technologies go beyond HTML and include: Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
History of HTML and HTML Versions
<html><head> - An Introduction to HTML 5
This introduction to HTML coding is the first place to start for beginners learning to code web pages.
HTML Tags, Elements, Attributes and Properties
To make a web page, it is important to understand the difference between tag and element in HTML in addition to the definitions of HTML terms.
HTML <head> Section and HTML <body> Section
Converting to HTML 5
This tutorial describes the steps for converting to HTML 5 from 2000 W3C standard HTML or from 1997 HTML version 4.
Style vs. Semantics
In all modern versions of HTML, the style of web design elements has been moved into HTML style sheets, while the focus of the HTML code is on the semantic content of the web pages.
What's New in HTML 5
Differences between HTML 4 and HTML 5
Including differences between XHTML and HTML 5
New Tags to Learn in HTML 5
In addition to the many new features in HTML 5, there are over 20 new HTML tags introduced in this version.
rel="author" tags
The rel="author" attribute can be used on <link/> tags and <a href> tags to identify the author of documents.
HTML Tutorial: <video> Tag
An HTML video tutorial with example HTML <video> code showing how to use the <video> tag to embed video in HTML without flash.
HTML for iOS (iPod / iPad / iPhone) Web Apps
HTML Character Codes
Decimal and hexadecimal codes for HTML character entities.
HTML Line Breaks and Hyphenation
HTML for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
SEO Metatags and other HTML for Search Engine Optimization.
Generating HTML with Server-Side Scripting
How to generate HTML code with server-side scripting languages such as PHP.
URL Encoding Tutorial
A tutorial on how to use percent escapes to URL encode the value of an attribute, such as the <a href> attribute.
Types of Lists in HTML 5
Tutorial on HTML ordered lists, unordered lists and definition lists.
Acronyms, Abbreviations and Definitions in HTML
Tutorial on HTML acronyms and abbreviations, using the <abbr> tag, and definitions, using the <dfn> tag.
HTML <table> Example & Table Tutorial - How To Create Tables in HTML
This tutorial shows how to use HTML Table Tags to layout data in a table on a web page.
How To Create HTML Forms
This tutorial shows how to create forms in HTML.
Common Mistakes and Errors in HTML Code
HTML footers using the <iframe> tag
This tutorial shows how to implement footers and other common HTML code using the <iframe> tag.
Drag and Drop Images
How to use drag and drop and preview an image loaded from the local system.
Web Animation and Transitions
HTML Namespaces
Detecting HTML 5
This tutorial show how to detect HTML 5 browsers, using an actual example to Test HTML 5 Detection.
Deprecated HTML Tags and Attributes
These tags and attributes should not be used in HTML code because, although some were supported in HTML in the past, they are not valid in HTML 5 code.

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