The <svg> Tag in HTML 5

The <svg> tag can be used to draw pictures and/or text using SVG. The demo below uses two different methods to draw a sphere with a glow graident. The larger red ornament is created using a circle with a separate glow gradient. The smaller blue ornament and its glow are created with a single radial gradient in a rectangle (however, the anti-aliasing is not as good and the color with zero opacity may not be completely transparent in some browsers, which makes the drawing rectangle visible).


This is an actual working demo of the SVG example code below. (Do View Source to verify that this page is using the HTML 5 DOCTYPE. You can also verify it is Valid HTML 5 using the HTML Validator. Try using it to validate URLs with HTML examples from other places that claim to be HTML 5 web sites!)

Another way to create a glow graident on an object is shown in the <canvas> tag demo. However, that page currently causes the Firefox 3.6.12 browser to hang.