MathML Tags in HTML 5

Regular HTML code can be used to display mathematical symbols inline with other text using HTML Unicode characters (for which the Unicode math symbols reference may come in handy). HTML 5 also supports MathML, which is used to describe mathematical formulas using XML code. MathML not only determines how a formula is display, but also describes the actual calculation.

Here is an actual working demo of the MathML example code below.

style name = font-weight: bold value attribute

Note: Since support for MathML depends on the browser and available fonts, the appearance of the MathML demo above varies greatly. In Firefox on Windows with the Fonts for MathML-enabled Mozilla installed, the MathML example code above looks like this:

picture of what the MathML example code looks like in Firefox

(Since this is an image, the "attribute" link is not clickable.)

To install the MathML fonts in Windows 7, unzip the file then select all of the STIX*.otf files and drag/copy/drop them into the Fonts Page of the Control Panel.