<hr/> Tag Syntax

Rules for coding HTML hr/ elements
   ... flow content expected ...

Make sure you understand the difference between a tag and element and are familiar with the definitions of namespace and other HTML terms.

  1. To add a horizontal rule, code a hr element where flow content is expected.
  2. Begin the p element with a starting <p> tag. The element name uses lower case letters and should be in the HTML namespace, which it will pick up automatically from the xmlns attribute on the <html> tag.
  3. Include any HTML global attributes on the <hr> tag as appropriate.
  4. Since the hr element is a void element, the HTML code consists of a standalone <hr/> tag terminated with the self-closing delimiter string />.

<hr/> Content Model

Contents of the hr element

Content: Empty. Any properties are coded using global attributes.

Since the <hr/> tag is a void element, it is not allowed to have any content, even HTML comments and therefore should always be coded as a self-closing standalone tag, ending with the delimiters /> rather than just > (<hr/>).