Address Microdata

Address microdata identifies a physical geographic location by its mailing address. Although sometimes used by itself, it can also be used for the value of a property of another microdata item, such as a Person or Business or Organization.

123456 Seventh Street
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

This is an actual working example of the Address microdata example code below.


Item type:

street-addressThe street address, including the street number and street name.
localityThe city, town or other locality.
regionThe state, province, territory or other region of the country.
postal-codeThe postal code.
country-nameThe country name part of the address.
Address microdata example
(see Address microdata demo above)
<div itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="">
   <span itemprop="street-address">123456 Seventh Street</span><br/>
   <span itemprop="locality">Beverly Hills</span>, <span itemprop="region">CA</span>
   <span itemprop="postal-code">90210</span><br/>
   <span itemprop="country-name">USA</span>

As explained in the description of the <br/> tag, a mailing address is one place where use of the break tag is appropriate.