HTML 5 Metatag Elements

HTML 5 metatag Elements

Format of HTML metatag elements

HTML metatag elements have a content attribute and either a name attribute or an http-equiv attribute.

<meta name="..." content="..."/>
<meta http-equiv="..." content="..."/>

Converting to HTML 5

We are working on converting to HTML 5. Please visit Meta Tags in HTML 5 on the HTML 5 standard version of this site.

Most Common Metatags

The most commonly used HTML metatags include:

Metatags for Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Metatags for HTML pages on Mobile / Handheld Devices

List of HTML Metatags

This is a complete list of HTML metatags documented here:

The name="application-name" Metatag
The name="author" Metatag
The name="classification" Metatag
The name="copyright" Metatag
The name="description" Metatag
The name="formatter" Metatag
The name="generator" Metatag
The name="google" Metatag
The name="googlebot" Metatag
The http-equiv Metatag
The name="HandheldFriendly" Metatag
The name="keywords" Metatag
The name="rating" Metatag
The name="robots" Metatag
The name="verify" Metatag
The name="viewport" Metatag

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