HTMLPropertiesCollection Interface


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HTMLPropertiesCollection Interface

A property is a simple data structure consisting of a name and a value, also known as a name-value pair. The HTMLPropertiesCollection interface provides indirect access to a collection of properties through the elements that define the properties. It is used for:

Note that the HTMLPropertiesCollection is not the collection of properties, but a collection of the parent elements that add those properties to the microdata information model.

HTML microdata HTMLElement properties
DOM Properties
get onlyDOMStringList
DOM Properties inherited from HTMLCollection
get onlyunsigned long
DOM Interface Methods
collection.namedItem(DOMString name)
name - the name of the microdata property, which is the value of the itemprop attribute, to be used to select a set of microdata item elements
Return value:
a PropertyNodeList with the HTMLElement nodes that have a property with the given name
DOM Interface Methods inherited from HTMLCollection
collection.item(unsigned long index)
index - index of the node to be returned, where the first index is 0 and the last index is length - 1
Return value:
the (index + 1)th node in the list (for example, if index is 3, the fourth node is returned) if 0 < index < length - 1, or else null

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