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JavaScript : DOM Elements, APIs and Interfaces

Dynamic HTML (DHTML)
DHTML is a method used to code web pages that have various visual effects and are more interactive than traditional static web pages.
JavaScript is the scripting language that is used to create dynamic HTML web pages.
Document Object Model
The Document Object Model is a set of interfaces (APIs) that provide access to the various components of a document. The DOM can be used by various languages including Java and JavaScript.
DOM Events
JavaScript functions
JavaScript objects
DOM Top-Level Interfaces
DOMImplementation Interface
The DOMImplementation interface provides methods to create documents and determine whether or not specified features are available in a particular implementation of the DOM APIs.
Window Interface
AbstractView Interface
DOMException Interface
Type Definitions
DOMString Type
DOMTimeStamp Type
PropertyValueArray Type
Object Interfaces
DOMObject Interface
Window Interfaces
AbstractView Interface
Window Interface
Document Interfaces
Document Interface
HTMLDocument Interface
Node Interfaces
Node Interface
Attr Interface
CharacterData Interface
Document Interface
DocumentFragment Interface
DocumentType Interface
Element Interface
Entity Interface
EntityReference Interface
Notation Interface
ProcessingInstruction Interface
Element Interfaces
Element Interface
HTMLElement Interface
HTMLMediaElement Interface
HTMLModElement Interface
HTMLTableSectionElement Interface
HTMLTableColElement Interface
HTMLTableCellElement Interface
DOM Interfaces for HTML Elements
a Element
abbr Element
address Element
area Element
article Element
aside Element
audio Element subinterface of HTMLMediaElement
b Element
base Element
bdi Element
bdo Element
blockquote Element
body Element
br Element
button Element
canvas Element
caption Element
cite Element
code Element
col Element
colgroup Element
command Element
datalist Element
dd Element
del Element
details Element
device Element
dfn Element
div Element
dl Element
dt Element
em Element
embed Element
fieldset Element
figcaption Element
figure Element
footer Element
form Element
head Element
header Element
Heading Elements Element
hgroup Element
hr Element
html Element
i Element
iframe Element
img Element
input Element
ins Element
kbd Element
keygen Element
label Element
legend Element
li Element
link Element
map Element
mark Element
menu Element
meta Element
meter Element
nav Element
noscript Element
object Element
ol Element
optgroup Element
option Element
output Element
Paragraph Element
param Element
pre Element
progress Element
q Element
rp Element
rt Element
ruby Element
s Element
samp Element
script Element
section Element
select Element
small Element
source Element
span Element
strong Element
style Element
sub Element
summary Element
sup Element
table Element
tbody Element
td Element
textarea Element
tfoot Element
th Element
thead Element
time Element
title Element
tr Element
track Element
ul Element
var Element
video Element subinterface of HTMLMediaElement
br Element
DOM Collections
DOM Event Interfaces
Communication Interfaces

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