Versions of HTML

History of HTML Versions

Since the updates to the HTML markup language between 2000 and 2010 were, as the title of the XHTML Recommendation says, A Reformulation of HTML 4, HTML 5 is the first version to include new HTML tags and other features since the release of the HTML 4 specifications in December 1997.

As shown in the Venn diagram below, development of the HTML Living Standard originally coincided with HTML 5 development, but diverged in early 2011. A few features added to the specification after that point were still considered to be part of HTML 5, although most were not. For example, the u (underline) element, which was added back into the HTML Living Standard by a Working Group decision on April 8, 2011 (WHATWG revision r6004 for Bug #10838), is considered to be part of HTML 5 even though the change was after the divergence.

HTML 5 becomes a Living Standard