Avoid the Deprecated <acronym> Tag in HTML 5

The <acronym> tag should not be used in HTML 5 because it is not a valid HTML element in the HTML 5 specification.

Acronyms should be enclosed by the HTML <abbr> tag. Since some browsers, most notably IE, do not activate the tool tip to assist the user when the title attribute appears on the <abbr> tag, the abbr element with the acronym should be placed inside an a href element with the title attribute on the starting <a> tag. The easiest way to do this is simply look up the HTML code for any acronyms that you want to use in the acronym dictionary, at Acronyms .net.

If you are not sure of the proper spelling of an acronym, you can search for acronyms based on the meaning of the acronym in the Acronym Finder. then click on the "usage" link for that term and copy-and-paste the code provided.